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Countit is a venue-attendance validation

and business intelligence platform

for film studios, production companies and venue operators.


Real time Smart reports will help you find and understand the critical data you need to protect & grow your business


An automated tool will display the gap between reported and actual seat information 


No 3rd party.
Objective attendance data is gathered independently from the web using smart BI mechanisms 

Customized Reports

Focus on the data that makes the difference. Get automated tailored reports with the numbers, trends, benchmarks and insight you need to be on top of your operation


A self serve easy to use dashboard will allow you to define and receive the numbers you need


Get to know our your IP is across the world in real time. Count it supports all countries and languages

Knowing where you stand, is as easy as 123

Step 01

Type in the information
you want to track

How many people saw a specific movie in a specific cinema on a specific date?


Step 02

We fetch the data for you.

The data you need is gathered an analyzed in real time.

Get the live data you need now; there’s no need to wait.

Step 03

Get the event-attendance information you need through our intuitive dashboard.

Customized reports are automatically generated and sent to your inbox. Smart filters let you optimize the knowledge to the theater’s row or even seat level.


The  Technology

Our validation tool is enabled through a powerful AI engine.

Developed by Moonbow ventures and in service of several BI companies who are part of the its portfolio. Our crawler obtains objective data from the open web, that is automatically compared with the info and definitions supplied by the client.

This in a way that highlights the important information immediately. Our UX capabilities and massive integration experience, comes into play through our self serve dashboard. It’s the power of data, harnessed to the task of revolutionizing the movie business.

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